Vogue 9918


Vogue 9918

Chest: 21-25½" Waist: 20¾-21¾" To 25"

Grab some double-sided, soft fleece or other cozy fabric to sew winter accessories for your little one.  Make a hat in three styles, all with brims - one with four gores, a cylindrical one that darts to a point, and a cylindrical one that is gathered at the top with a self fringe top knot. The vest can be open down with front, with button closures, or with a separating zipper. Make yours with a *Mandarin collar, or collarless. The jacket has long set-in sleeves, patch pockets, and an attached hood. Top this outerwear with appliques of dinosaurs or cats. Designed by Linda Carr, 1998.

*A mandarin collar is a short stand-up or band collar on shirts, jackets, or dresses.

* * * My Mind Wanders * * *

When my sister and I were gradeschool age, our grandmother made us matching shoulder bags from brown and white spotted cow-looking vinyl fabric. They had a flap that buttoned, and long straps so we could hang the bags from our shoulders. We loved them.

We put ourselves into gatherer mode, and filled those bags with acorns, and hung the bags in our closet. The next week, those pretty acorns had hatched a whole batch of maggots. They were crawling all over the closet. What a mess! Mom worked all day to get rid of those nasty critters. We didn't have many clothes in the 1950s, so there weren't a lot of clothes to wash. Finally, all creepy crawly things were gone, but so were our prized shoulder bags. They were ruined, and we were heart broken. Sometime life gives us hard lessons. My sister and I learned not to carry things into the house that belonged outside, and Mother learned to check our pockets!


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