The Best of the Rest


The Best Of The Rest

Very good used condition.


Designs for oils and acrylics are by Julie Atkins, Sue Crawford, Barbara Dodson, Donna Farley, Sharon Hanson, Gloria Koskey, Mickey Kurtz, Lois Seeger, Marlene Stevens, and Doris Thayer.  1982, A Cabin Craft Publication, 32 pages. Tole and decorative painting patterns. The Best of the Rest, Volume 2.

Projects include:
Courting Swans
Granny's Recipes
Orange Poppies
Hearts and Flowers
Cornelius, the popcorn clown
Norwegian Rosemaling
The "Lone Viking"
Sharon's Angel, a Christmas card holder
Easter Chicken

* * * My Mind Wanders * * *

What a year 2020 was, and now it looks like 2021 won't be much better. The carona-19 virus has robbed the whole world during this disastrous pandemic, but it is very personal for so very many of us. Whether we've suffered with the disease, are struggling with long-term health issues as a result, have lost employment, experienced personal financial devastation, have lost homes or apartments and moved in with relatives, or if we've lost friends and loved ones, we've all been affected. I don't know of anyone who has made gains because of the virus. While we appreciate the stimulus checks the US government sent to most citizens, a mere $2000 for most Americans doesn't even represent a band-aid for the financial struggles caused by the coronavirus and the inept governmental response to the pandemic during its first year. 

We've lost over half a million Americans, and we're just starting to make progress vaccinating senior citizens, first responders, and teachers, and we're still losing thousands of Americans every day. I pray that after the pandemic is under control, the America we have left will be a place worth living in, that health care is attainable, jobs are accessible and paid at a living wage, and a comfortable lifestyle is the norm.

Personally, being retired, I've had plenty of time at home to sew, play with paper crafts, make altered books, and sleep late. Where do these days go? They either drag into unending hours, or they're gone before we can blink. But I miss so many things -- visiting unimpeded with friends and family, wandering through stores without fear of infection, eating a leisurely meal at a crowded restaurant, the list goes on. Am I the only one who questions my own sanity some days? Like the days I can't remember what day it is, whether I've taken my pills, why I put my keys in the freezer... I wish you blessings and hope you and your family are well and comfortable.

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