Simplicity 2383


Simplicity 2383

Chest 19-23" Waist 19-21" Waist 19-21"

Child's dress with appliques and hat. The hat comes in three sizes (19", 20", and 21".) Here's another sweet, comfortable, and stylish pullover pillow case dress, made from a vintage or new pillowcase dress or fabric. It has a drawstring across the top. You can lengthen it by adding contrast bands or trims. Make it her own by adding an applique of a lady bug, bee, bear, or monkey. Simplicity Crafts, Pillowcase Fashions, Precious Patterns, Simplicity 2383, 2010.

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Don't forget about the world-wide campaign for sewers to stitch pillowcase dresses for the children of Haiti and other disaster stricken areas around the world. Through necessity, medical personnel have discovered these sweet dresses lend themself well as hospital gowns, using the shoulder ties for easy access for IVs or medical treatment. Bravo to the thousands of folks who have sewn and donated many thousands of these dresses.

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