Simplicity 2241


Simplicity 2241

Chest: 26-32" Waist: 23-26½" Hip: 27-34"

Make your little girl feel especially pretty and special because you hand made a dress for her. This pullover dress is sleeveless, has front and back of the dress gathered into a shaped yoke. It can have shoulder straps or narrow shoulders with or without a small ruffle. Finish it off with a hemline trim and a patch pocket or two.

Learn basic sewing skills with this sweet instructional sewing pattern. It will teach the beginning sewer how to choose the correct pattern size, how to cut out a pattern, how to apply a yoke, how to stitch a hem, and how to apply trim, bias tape, and ruffles. Even your tween (pre-teen) can learn to sew. Start them youn, and instill the love of sewing.

* * * My Mind Wanders * * * 

I love to see girls in dresses once in a while. They're easy to wear, and cool. Add a coordinating pair of ruffled panties or shorts, whichever is her preference, to add modesty as she plays. The dress of the day is ragged shorts and a t-shirt. I don't find anything wrong with wearing comfortable shorts to play in, even if they're ragged - as long as she has the experience of getting cleaned up and putting on something a bit nicer occasionally. Grandparents love that!

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