Simplicity 2194


Simplicity 2194

Chest: 26-32" Waist: 23-26½" Hip: 27-34"

Learn to sew using this simple pattern. Or teach your child to sew for herself. Make a simple a-line, sleeveless *shift dress with a back zipper, rounded neckline and no collar. Leave it plain, or add trims to fancy it up. The sewing pattern comes with pattern and instructions to make a small triangular scarf and headband to compliment this new dress. Let your child pick out her own fabric, and she'll instantly be more interested. This sewing pattern will teach you how to choose the correct size pattern, how to cut out a pattern, how to apply trim and zipper, and how to stitch a hem. In K Designs, 2011.

* The shift dress falls straight from the shoulders and has no defined waist. The term signifies a shift in culture, since the dress became popular in the 1960s when American youth culture was demanding to be recognized. The shift is often confused with the sheath dress which is form-fitting and shaped, usually with darts, through the waist area.

* * * My Mind Wanders * * * 
I learned to sew when I was in grade school  in the 1950s. Relatives' and friends' homes we visited almost always had a sewing machine set up with an ironing board and iron nearby, with at least one project in the works. It was never a matter of if I was going to learn to sew, but when. My aunt was the biggest influence on my sewing and needlework of all kinds. Mom did as much sewing as she had to, but it wasn't her idea of a fun time. She would much rather be working in the garden.  Fortunately, we visited with my aunt and her family often, usually most weekends. I got a good start sewing in our local 4-H group who gave us detailed demonstrations, and we made our own skirt, scarf, and waist apron. I quickly gained confidence sewing, and have enjoyed it for 60 years. I've sewn about everything, from swimsuits to wedding gowns, dolls to draperies, and baby blankets to quilts. For most of my life it didn't occur to me to purchase something new. I generally dug into Mom's fabric stash, and eventually my own, and sewed. It's always been a worthwhile craft for me.

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