Simplicity 1517


Simplicity 1517

Bust 30½-34"  Waist 23-26½"  Hip 32½-36"

Andrea Schewe brings us another beautiful, elegant dress or costume. It has a deep U neckline that includes a modesty panel, skirt overlays that add drama to the skirt - add a gossamer overlay that can extend into a short train. It has short sleeves or long bell-shaped sleeves fit into an *armscye, or armhole. This is a lovely period design that will serve your purposes for Halloween or reenactments, as an Edwardian, Titanic, or Downton Abbey gown. This costume pattern can easily be adapted to be a beautiful, dramatic wedding or fancy dress.

*An armscye, or arm scythe, (pronounced arms eye) is the curved shape of the armhole. The front armscye is usually a bit deeper curve than in the back. It’s an old tailoring term that originally meant the opening in a gown where the sleeve is inserted and sewn. It isn't used much in recent years. More recent designers sometimes use that term to make their design sound fancy I guess, but I haven't seen it used by our most popular pattern companies Butterick, Simplicity, McCall's, or Vogue.

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