Simplicity 1150


Simplicity 1150


Design and sew your own doll clothes to give away, sell, or to keep. These are little girl school dresses like I would have worn in the 1950s. Prim and proper one-piece, modest  dresses with back fasteners (I like to use zippers, because hook and loop tape get tangled in the doll's hair), cap sleeves, full skirts, back tie ends, and a vest. Sewing patterns also included to make this a two-piece dress with a separate top and skirt.

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FREE FROM GRANDMA'S HOUSE PATTERNS -- Be sure to download our free instant PDF downloads HERE. Every doll dress needs matching panties. Ours are fast and easy. They use the dress fabric for the body of the panties, and t-shirt knit for the waist and leg bands. No elastic to buy or apply! No sign-up, no ads, just free patterns.

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My thoughts about 18" dolls and their clothes.

Little girls love their 18" dolls like American Girl, My Life (Walmart), Our Generation (Target), Journey Girls (Toys R Us), Fashion Girls (Big Lots), Springfield Collection dolls (Michaels), Gótz, Kindred Hearts, Ebuddy Fashion, Hearts for Hearts Girls, and the list of similar size dolls keeps getting longer.

Sewing patterns for 18" dolls can be adjusted slightly to accommodate each of the dolls that are made to look like real little girls -- chunky in the middle, and no grown-up curves (like Barbie). I've found the early American Girl dolls are thicker through the middle than more recent American Girl dolls. Madamme Alexander dolls are slightly thinner, and Cabbage Patch dolls are usually thicker througth the neck - and other places, depending on how much stuffing was used. The trick is, measure your doll, and make sure the clothes fit - and are roomy enough for little fingers to work.
In my opinion, the quality of the American Girl doll is best, but they cost quite a bit more than the knock-offs. My favorite of the cheaper dolls is My Life As dolls from Walmart. I especially like their chest plate. The hard plastic ends about the armpit, so clothing looks better around the neckline. My least favorite of the dolls I've tried is the Our Generation doll. Their hair is difficult to style and manage, most of the time it's a tangled mess. They aren't positionable, and their arms, legs, and head get loose quickly. The other dolls, including American Girl, have a cloth body that extends all the way to the neck, which doesn't look so nice in clothes that expose the neckline.

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