McCall's Party Apron


McCall's Party Apron

Not Stated
Uncut, misfolded.


Designed by Luis Estevez exclusively for The Quaker Oats Company. Great old advertising pattern that was obtained by mail order using proof of purchase from a Quaker Oats box. The pattern makes a waist apron with tie ends and a shaped ruffle above the waistband. 

Just for fun -

This waist apron style is typical of aprons ladies wore when I was growing up. It is also like my first sewing project in 4-H Club, and my first project in Sophomore Home Economics class. I must say, the 4-H apron was much more fun and educational because we were taught by ladies who'd been sewing all their lives and didn't have time for nonsense.

My Home Ec teacher, however, was straight out of college and had obviously never touched a sewing pattern before in her life. She started us out by not only having us write and name on the pattern envelope, she instructed us to neatly cut out each pattern piece (including the ones we wouldn't be using), and write on each pattern piece our first and last name, the teacher's name, and the time our class met. Those steps took months, sandwiched in between cooking classes which were just as nonsensically tedious.

I don't know how we did it, but some of us actually produced a finished apron. We were graded, however, on our neatness at cutting out the pattern pieces and on our penmanship in labeling our pattern pieces. As I recall, there was no "extra credit" for actually finishing the project. I wish I could remember her name. I've often wondered how many young ladies her methods discouraged from ever sewing - or cooking - again.


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