McCall's M4841


McCall's M4841

Bust: 32½-38" Waist: 25-30" Hip: 34½-40"

Misses'/miss petite unlined jackets. Fitted, unlined, below waist jacket has collar and lapel variations, shoulder pads, *princess seams, and long or seven-eights two-piece sleeves. Jackets A,B,C have button and buttonhole closures. Jacket B has mock flaps. Jacket C has purchased piping trim, patch pockets, cuff with button and buttonhole closure, purchased ribbon belt. Jacket D has snap closures and purchased ribbon tie ends. McCall's M4841, 2005.

*Princess seams are long rounded seams sewn into blouses, shirts or dresses to add shaping to closely follow a woman's form. They are sewn into the front and/or back of the garment, and extend from the shoulder. Viennese seams are similar to princess seams, except Viennese seams begin at the armhole, and princess seams begin at the shoulder. Both extend the full length of the garment. The term Viennese seams and darts is less popular than it used to be. The popular term now for both is princess seam.

* * * My Mind Wanders * * *

I was intrigued by this pattern when I saw the corsage on the white suit. Whatever happened to the days of corsages and boutonnieres made from cut flowers? We wore corsages and boutonnieres to school proms, of course, but we also wore them at family weddings and on other special occasions. In my family it was tradition for all of the women and girls to wear a corsage, and the men and boys to wear a boutonniere to church on Mother's Day Sunday. Red (usually roses) corsages for those whose mother was alive, and white corsages for those whose mother had already passed. It was a big deal in my family for some reason during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. All of my 70+ years I've qualified for a red corsage because my mother was still alive until July when she died from Covid 19. My family no longer practices the sweet tradition of the red and white corsages and boutonnieres on Mother's Day Sunday, but next Mother's Day will be the first time I'd be wearing a white corsage. I hope your family has traditions that fill a sweet spot in your heart.

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