McCall's M4534


McCall's M4534



Six apron styles are unisex, suited for the ladies and men alike. The full-coverage barbeque-type aprons have several different pocket designs. Each is offered in four sizes Small through X-Large, all in one envelope. Spice it up and make contrasting pockets!

* * * * * * * My Mind Wanders* * * * * * *
This is a personal rant about my experiences in giving away patterns through our BOGO sale. It gives me great pleasure to offer free sewing patterns. I've been selling patterns since 2002, and I have tens of thousands, more than I can ever possibly sell. I started the BOGO sale last year to celebrate my 70th birthday, and the impending birth of my first great-grandchild. I had planned to leave the sale on for a month, but folks seemed to really like it, so I decided to leave the BOGO sale on indefinitely. Most customers were pleased to be offered a free pattern for every pattern they paid for.
I've had a few, however, who've tried to cheat, and order all free patterns while purchasing none, or ordering more free patterns than ones they purchased. I anticipated this happening, as there's always one bad apple in the barrel.
The way our shopping cart works is that when a pattern is ordered, it is removed from inventory, or the number in stock reduced. So, when I have to return items to stock, it requires me to manually re-list each pattern that was illicitly ordered. To compensate for my time and aggravation, I made a statement that if that happened, I would retain the shipping amount they already paid, as a restocking fee. Here's my note that appears on our shipping page. 
"Orders for free patterns only, with no purchase, are fraudulent. The order will be canceled, and the shipping amount will be retained as a restocking fee, as the online inventory must be corrected to return items to stock."
My BOGO sale is the most generous and easiest I've seen. Buy one pattern, get one free. Buy two patterns, get two free. Buy three patterns, get three free, etc. I've not limited the number of BOGO patterns that can be ordered. I prefer to be happy about pleasing most of my customers, and not be discouraged by the few bad apples.
And about those bad apples -- Every person who tried to get more free than they were entitled to, followed with hateful, argumentative emails. Some folks would rather use their energy to try to ruin someone else's day, than just give someone a smile. Little do they know, I don't get in a tizzy about cheaters. They wasted their arguments on me.

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