McCall's 3609


McCall's 3609

Bust: 29½-32½" Waist: 22-25" Hip: 31½-34½"

This sewing pattern will make the perfect addition to your *Antibellum, Civil War, or Renaissance, Gone With The Wind, or Scarlett historical costume, re-enactment dress, or very full wedding gown. Pattern pieces are included for a camisole, pantaloons, corset, and hoop petticoat. The unlined, seamed, pullover camisole is gathered into lace trimmed bands and has stitched lower hem. It has boning, bound edges, back eyelets with lacing, and front bust closure. The **hoop petticoat and pantaloons are lace or eyelet trimmed at lower edges and gathered into back-opening waistband with ribbon tie. The sewing pattern is printed with cutting lines for 4 sizes.

*Antebellum is time before a war, especially the American Civil War, which was fought from 1861 to 1865. The Renaissance marks  the transition from the Middle Ages to modern times, covering the 15th and 16th centuries.

*Hoop skirts are made from horizontal circles of thin steel, connected by vertical strips of fabric. Hoop skirts were usually worn underneath a very full gown.

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