From Palette to Parrot


From Palette To Parrot

Very good used condition.

Birds, birds, beautiful birds designed for reverse glass painting for tole and decorative painting. Detailed patterns, instructions, and color placement drawings.

The Military Macaw
The Golden-Winged Warbler
The Mourning Dove
Song in Sienna
Cry of the Curlew
The Hooded Oriole
The American Avocet
A Flicker from Bear Mountain
Schultz, the Noble Macaw
Garden Gem
The Willow Ptarmigan
The American Eagle
The Magic of a Meadowlark
Summer Gold
Shadows of Autumn
Bobwhite Bobwhite
Also: Dogwood and Schultz the Noble Macaw

1982, by Sherry C. Nelson, 82 pages.

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