Burda 7352


Burda 7352

Bust: 32-44"

Misses' very easy strapless *infinity dress has an **empire waistline, invisible back zipper, and hidden elastic at the bodice top. It has a very long scarf made from contrasting fabric that can either be sewn into the waist, or left loose to be used to wrap for different effects. This dress is easy to sew and easy to wear. Fabric suggestions are stretch jersey for the dress and chiffon or georgette for the long, streaming scarf. The scarf, to me, makes this dress look similar to a Greek goddess dress. Burda Style, all patterns with seam and hem allowances, Burda 7352.

*Infinity dress because of the innumerable ways the scarf can be used to change the look of this sweet dress. You can make different scarves for different looks, too. Fun!

**Empire waist is a ladies’ style that has a bodice ending just below the bust, giving a high-waisted look.

* * * My Mind Wanders * * *

Did you ever find yourself trying to use an old Burda pattern? I did, and it had me questioning my intelligence as well as my temper. They had colored lines drawn all over the place, like looking at a road map in an old atlas, with the pattern pieces and stitching lines drawn all over the place. The instruction was to track down the right color and transfer it to another piece of paper. To do that, we needed a special ruler and tracing paper. Holy moly! The old Burda patterns came without seam allowances and hemline included. That was supposed to give us a better fit. Looked to me like it just added more work for the sewer. By the time I got finished re-drawing the pattern and measuring out the seam allowances and hems, I could have already had the darn thing made if I'd used a different brand of pattern. Actually, I never even got the pattern finished before I gave up in frustration, wadded it into a tight wad, and through it in the trash.

Thank goodness Burda saw the light and made the Burda format more similar to sewing patterns we're used to in the Simplicity, McCall's, Butterick, Vogue lines. I'm glad they did, because their pattern designs are lovely.

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