Begin with Butterflies


Begin With Butterflies

Very good used condition.

Beautifully detailed butterflies and their surroundings for you to paint on wood, glass, or other surfaces you want to embellish. DIY, make it beautiful! Complete instructions and detailed drawings will guide you through your tole and decorative painting adventure.

Copper on a Tin Mug
The Butterfly Puzzles
The Calico Pansies
Tomorrow is Autuumn
Heavenly Blue
The Polliwog Pansies
Yellow Flag
Spring Chick
Checkerspots on Glass
Orange Poppies
The Marsh Butterfly
Coronata Hairstreak
Butterflies in Raw Wood
Lace-edged Morning
Candles from Casa del Tole
The Greater Fritillaries
Sleepy Sulpher on a Clam Basket
Common Blues
Plain Tiger on a Pencil Rest
Bachelor Button Blue
Also: Painted Pansies, Blossoms in the Round, Roadside Flutterby, A Touch of Spring, She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, and The Final Touch.

1980, by Sherry C. Nelson, 82 pages.

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